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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Autism

Follow @beeheron Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Autism Reading time: 8 minutes 15 seconds Summary A 2018 study found that a certain type of connective tissue cell called a myofibroblast was found in high quantities in the skin of people with hypermobility type EDS (hEDS), but not in other types of EDS. This cell is induced by inflammation [...]

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Low Blood Volume, ME/CFS and Slow, Chronic Sepsis

Follow @beeheron Low Blood Volume, ME/CFS and Slow, Chronic Sepsis Summary A very common cause of sepsis is the leakage of bacteria into the blood from the gut. ME/CFS patients have signs of leakage of bacteria from the gut into the blood and our illness looks a lot like sepsis. Low blood volume and mast cell [...]

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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Low Blood Volume

Follow @Beeheron Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Low Blood Volume Summary Two symptoms occur frequently in people with ME/CFS: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and low blood volume. What if these are not coincidental? Reading time: 4 minutes 27 seconds People with ME/CFS have less blood than we should. We have low blood [...]

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Shock, Hypoxia & ME/CFS: Part II

Follow @beeheron Shock, Hypoxia & ME/CFS: Part II Summary Numerous lines of evidence implicate problems with blood flow or oxygen delivery in ME/CFS. HIF-1 is the master regulator of the body's response to diminished oxygen delivery and is upregulated under low oxygen conditions. HIF-1 downregulates mitochondrial energy production and upregulates glycolysis in an effort to protect cells [...]

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Shock, Hypoxia & ME/CFS: Part I

Follow @beeheron Shock, Hypoxia & ME/CFS: Part I When I first got sick with ME/CFS, I was a teenager. I was quite baffled when I suddenly became too exhausted to make it to classes, stopped sleeping almost entirely and started sweating profusely. I sweat raindrops: huge drops of sweat rolled down my sides constantly. No antiperspirant was a [...]

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Part II: ME/CFS, Sepsis & Glycocalyx

Follow @beeheron Part II: ME/CFS, Sepsis and Glycocalyx Summary To recap from the previous blog post "Part I: Blood Flow in Sepsis & ME/CFS", ME/CFS looks like a lot like sepsis and sepsis is an inflammatory illness of blood vessels. The blood vessel problems in sepsis interfere with oxygen delivery to cells.   The particular kind of blood flow problem [...]

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